Controlling Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety makes for very unpleasant visits to the dentist–if you even can make your dental visits. You are acutely aware of everything, which can make the dental appointment seem to stretch on interminably. You are tensed up, which makes your muscles sore, both during the appointment and long after. And if you have serious dental anxiety, it can begin days or weeks before your visit. Sedation dentistry can help calm this anxiety, and, over time, potentially reduce your level of anxiety in the future.

Getting the Dental Care You Need

If you’ve been skipping your dental appointments out of anxiety, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. The odds are good that your dental condition has worsened significantly, and you likely need more serious interventions than you did before.

With sedation dentistry you can get preventive dental care and hopefully avoid more invasive procedures.

Controlling Anxiety-Related Risks

For some people, especially those with heart conditions, dental anxiety represents a serious risk. As you grow anxious in the dental chair, your heart rate elevates, which can be dangerous. Sedation dentistry can help you avoid these risks, though you should talk to your doctor first and ask about interactions with your prescription medications.

Better Dental Care

It is hard for your dentist to perform fine movements in your mouth when you are flinching, tensing, and gagging. Sedation dentistry helps you relax, which means the dentist can work freely. This not only helps them work faster, it allows them to work precisely, so you get better results.

Fewer Appointments

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sit still for long dental treatments, it can take a lot of appointments to get a complex procedure like a smile makeover completed. But with sedation dentistry, you can consolidate your procedures into fewer appointments, which means you can get them done faster and with greater convenience.

Reduced Cost

Although there is a fee associated with sedation dentistry, it isn’t very expensive. And you will likely save money overall because of three factors:

  • More preventive care means less expensive restorative dentistry

  • Better dental procedures will likely last longer and need less revision

  • Fewer long dental appointments are less expensive than more shorter appointments

Whether these financial tradeoffs actually save you money or not, they do significantly offset the costs, and when you consider the other benefits of sedation dentistry, it’s definitely a bargain!

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